2018-19 Agenda AUGUST 2018

AGENDA East Dubuque District Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday, August 8, 2018   FY 2018
4:45 P.M. at 122 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque

Call to Order:  Hearing on LEVY  Ordinance  2018-2019 #5:
Motion to open LEVY Hearing on Ordinance 2017-18#5  for July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019.
Motion:               Roll call:              Time:

Passage of LEVY Ordinance 2018-2019 #5.(Action)
Motion:               Roll call:              Time: 

Motion to close LEVY  Hearing for 2018-2019.

Motion:               Roll call:              Time:

Call to Order Regular Board Meeting

Motion:                       Roll Call:             Time:

Record Attendance

Declaration of Quorum

Changes to the Agenda:
Librarian’s Report: (Informational)
Treasurer’s Report for May 2018:  The Treasurers Report will be filed for audit.
We move to receive said report.

Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of the May 2018 Regular Board Meeting (Action)

Approval of payment of invoices and payroll as presented.  Roll Call Vote. (Action )

Committee Meeting Reports-None
Budget & Finance:
Building & Grounds:

 Foundation Update: See attached.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Website Project Update. We are researching domain issue.  Director, Kathy & Dena are studying and updating new info on site as time permits.
  2. Technology Project Update. Five new computers have been integrated, and all staff computers have been fully upgraded. Seven patron computers have been fully upgraded including the history room computer.  Library had unexpected issues & additional cost up to $400 for upgrading Zoomtec Software for Win 10 compatibility. Remaining upgrades should be completed this month.
  3. Dubuque Racing Association Grant update. Material purchases are complete. Ongoing documentation requirements and promotions are being implemented.
  4. Ill State Library Grant Update. List curation, purchasing, processing, and requirement compliance including promotions are being implementing.
  5. General Building & Grounds review. Certified letters to neighboring property owner were returned unsigned. Rick Leute of the Building Committee spoke with owner’s tenant. See note.
  6. The Board approved trimming of cedars by Kevin Kramer.
  7. The Board approved removal of the dead tree by Kevin Kramer and Mark Schueller, or in the alternative Tom Arnold at no cost to the library.
  8. Library exterior stucco, crack repair & painting reviewed by Rick Brestrup who felt it should be completed by professionals. Jay Welu confirmed that repairs and painting needed on both the front and sides of the building area by planter, and will submit estimate.
  9. The Board asked the director to research replacing wiring and spotlight for the outdoor flag area; or mounting a solar powered light.
  10. The Board asked the Director to research front and sides of building for addition of library signs.
  11. The Board asked the Director to obtain price estimates for the possible installation of outdoor security cameras.
  12. The Board asked the Director to obtain price estimates for the removal and replacement of window tinting on nineteen 1st & 2nd floor windows. Search is ongoing to find a service provider.
  13. No request for fund to fund transfers at this time.

New items:

  1. Does the Board approve the yearly engagement fees of $5,900.00 for Pat McCarthy, CPA of O”Connor Brooks for annual audit and filing of Comptroller Annual Report and Confirmation for fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. This fee includes costs of $495.00 for filing the Annual Financial Report with the Office of the Comptroller, State of Illinois. Auditor expects to begin this month.

 Action roll call

  1. Director will direct Wagner Accounting to complete the Annual Receipts and Disbursements/Treasurers Report which must be published before filing with the County Treasurer and County Clerk.
  2. Director has started the Illinois State Library Annual Report which must be completed this month.
  3. Library has experienced multiple internet connection issues from July 23-Aug 6 entailing work disruption and necessitating multiple calls and visits from internet provider who replaced all equipment from the street into the building on Aug 6
  4. Review the Jo Daviess County Treasurer’s Report for 2nd automatic distribution of property taxes on 07-23-2018 into the authorized library account.www.jodaviess.org. (Info)
  5. Director set up and hosted an Author visit during the morning Book Club by the NY Times bestselling author Michelle Cox.
  6. Director coordinated the United Way visit promoting the Imagination Library.
  7. Director worked Saturday preparing for and setting up the library’s Wing Fest craft program and coordinating with the Foundation on their supporting Wing Fest reading program which combined to serve more than 145 children.
  8. Foundation meeting July 19 was held at the library.
  9. Does the Board wish the Library to host an Open House & 100 Artists Reception at the Library this fall, possible on Thursday October 11th similar to the one hosted last year?

Items for the next agenda.   Adjournment: date,  time and place of next meeting.

Closed Session 2( c ) ( 1 ).