2018-19 FY Agenda July 2018

AGENDA East Dubuque District Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday, July 11, 2018   FY 2018-2019
4:45 P.M. at 122 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque

Hearing for Budget and Appropriation Ordinance 2018-2019 #04.
Motion to open Budget & Appropriations Hearing.
Roll call attendance
Call to order
Public Hearing for Budget and Appropriations Ordinance
Adjournment, Motion to close hearing,  Roll call, time.

Roll Call, Record attendance, Verify Quorum- Action
Call to Order Regular Board Meeting –Action
Introduction of Visitors and public comment-Discussion

Corrections or Additions to the Agenda-Discussion and Action
Librarian’s Report: (Discussion)
Treasurer’s Finance Report for June 2018: (Discussion) The Treasurers Report will be filed for audit.

Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes of the June 2018 Regular Board Meeting (Action)
Approval of payment of operating expenses & payroll as presented.  Roll Call Vote. (Action )
Approval of Closed Minutes of Personnel Committee Meeting 06-08-2018
Approval of Minutes of Budget and Finance Committee Meeting 07-05-2018
Approval of Minutes of Building and Grounds Committee Meeting 07-05-2018

Committee reports
Budget & Finance Committee: See attached Minutes
Building & Grounds:   See attached Minutes and Agenda Items
Foundation Meeting:  July 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm at the home of Katherine Kelly, President
Foundation and Board hope to set a joint meeting this fall.

Continued BusinessDiscussion and Action

  1. Website Project update.
  2. Technology Project update.
  3. Dubuque Racing Association Grant update.
  4. Illinois State Library Grants update.

New Business- Discussion and Action

  1. Motion to adopt Budget & Appropriation Ordinance 2018-2019 #04.(Action)
    Motion, Roll call, time.
  1. Building and Maintenance Ordinance 2018-2018 #3.
    Does the Board approve Building & Maintenance  Ordinance  2018- 2019  #03?
    (Motion, Roll call, time)
  1. Does Board approve passage of internal working budget for FY 2018-2019?
    Motion, Roll call, time
  1. Approval of Resolutions 2018-2019 #03 transferring corporate funds into the Special Reserve Fund. Action
  2. The 1st tax distribution in the amount of $47,561.15  was automatically deposited into bank by County Treasurer on June 20, 2018 ten days before the new Fiscal Year  www.jodaviess.org  (Discussion)
  3. Director and officers need to sign an updated bank signatory card at DB&T.
  4. USDA is requesting additional forms and reports.
  5. General Building and Grounds review.
  6. Building report on the Library roof by Trustee Kramer.
  7. Review possible removal of cedars along the Wisconsin Ave side of the library.
  8. Review standing dead tree on library property for possible removal.
  9. Review stucco and paint at front of building flower bed for possible replacement or painting.
  10. Review outdoor flag area for possible replacement of wiring and spotlight.
  11. Review front and sides of building for addition of library signs.
  12. Discuss possibility of having library building included in possible installation of outdoor security cameras by the City of East Dubuque.
  1. Discuss possibility of removal and replacement of window tinting on all upper area windows.
  2. Discuss possible expansion of library entryway.

Closed Session 2 ( c ) ( 1 )      Items for the next agenda    Adjournment: date, time and place of next meeting