Ann Bradford Stokes: African American Civil War Nurse


November 14, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
East Dubuque District Library
122 Wisconsin Ave.
Hanna Hoftender

Marlene Rivero will breathe life back into Ann Stokes and her story, captivating audiences and informing new learners.

“Ann Bradford Stokes: African American Civil war Nurse” will take place on November 14th at the East Dubuque District Library in East Dubuque, Illinois at 4:00 PM.

Ann Bradford Strokes worked aboard the Navy’s first Hospital Ship Red Rover of Mound City, Illinois where she worked with sick and wounded soldiers aboard the ship on both the Ohio and Mississipppi Rivers.  Stokes often volunteered with the Sisters of the Holy Cross and Naval ship officers working as “first class boy,” or any other position in order to provide for herself. Eventually, Ann began the role of a nurse, and even became the first woman to earn a pension for her work with the United States Naval Hospital Ship Red Rover.

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