East Dubuque District Library Foundation

What is the East Dubuque District Library Foundation (EDDLF)?

The EDDLF is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation formed to develop funds to supplement the conventional revenue sources of the East Dubuque District Library. The Foundation holds a 501(c)(3) status.

Why is there an East Dubuque District Library Foundation (EDDLF)?

The EDDLF’s purpose is to support the Library’s mission. The modest Library serves households from East Dubuque to Menominee and has 900 library card holders. The Library is a little treasure with a big impact for our communities. The Foundation works to increase awareness of and financial support for the Library.

How does the East Dubuque District Library Foundation (EDDLF) accomplish its purpose?

The EDDLF participates in community and Library events:

  • giving free popcorn at the Memorial Day Parade in East Dubuque
  • drawing for a free pizza
  • offering refreshments at the Library events

The EDDLF sends out appeal letters to residents of the communities served, local businesses, and corporations with ties to the Library service area.

The EDDLF searches for federal, state, and private grands to help fund Library improvements and address needs identified by Library staff.

Who serves on the East Dubuque District Library Foundation (EDDLF) Board?

All members of the EDDLF Board are residents of the Library’s service area. Our current members are:

Vicki Middendorf, President

Mary Schreiber, Vice President

Beverly VanDerZyl, Treasurer

Diane Gallagher, Secretary

Kristie Alvarado

Ben Anderson

Cheryl Knutson

Gina Lange

Eileen O’Neil

Rick Leute

Jessica Arnold-Library Director