Minutes March 2019


East Dubuque District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, MARCH 13, 2019

5:00 PM at 122 Wisconsin Ave. East Dubuque

Call to Order, Regular Board Meeting

Roll Call:       present:       Lisa Appel, Kevin Kramer, Rick Leute, Linda Phillips, Kay Zillig,  Deb          Ehrler                    absent:         Stephanie Lange (arrived at 5:04 PM)              Time: 5:00 PM

Declaration of Quorum

Public/Citizen’s Input:  Darren Sirianni and Wes Heier, East Dubuque School Administrators, spoke regarding the upcoming school referendum.   15 minute overview

Changes to the Agenda:  Addition See Item 13.

Committee Meeting Reports

Foundation Update: February 21, 2019 meeting

Director’s Report

Treasurer’s Report for February 2019:  We accept the Treasurer’s Report from Accountant, which will be filed for audit.

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the February 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting

Payment of invoices and payroll as presented

Motion was made by Kay and seconded by Rick to approve the Consent Agenda. Time: 5:22pm         

Roll call:       Ayes: Lisa Appel, Kevin Kramer, Stephanie Lange, Rick Leute, Linda Phillips, Kay Zillig,                               Deb Ehrler                       Nays:  none

Motion Carried.                                   

Unfinished Business

1. No action taken regarding Tax abatement for economic district creating a new TIF.

New Action Items

1. Board chose “Harmony Brand” for new ADA compliant circulation area furnishings.

2.  Library space revitalization grant will be filed.

3. Discussed moving furniture from City Building and disposing of existing unneeded furnishings

4.  The Board supports a Library co-payment of 25% if the submitted DRA Grant is approved. 

Motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Linda.  Nays: none.         Motion carried.


5.  The East Dubuque District Library Foundation presented the Library with a $5,000.00 check to help pay for new ADA compliant circulation area furnishings.

6.  Illinois State Library’s Illinet Interlibrary Loan Traffic Report was submitted.

7.  Illinois State Library Annual Certification was submitted.

8.  RAILS “Reaching across Illinois Library System” Member Standards Data Report was submitted.

9. Service entry door malfunctioned during freezing weather, interior mechanism replaced by ADG.

10.  Library denied a request to use library electricity for neighboring property.

11.  Neighbor was informed that frequent overnight parking can impede snow & ice treatment.

12.  Review Illinois minimum wage increase.

13.  New Action Item:  Emergency Agenda Item Addition. Neighbor Corey Ellerback may appear and speak to Board re library safety during the demolition of the building next door.  There is no permit filed with the City of East Dubuque.   Neighbor did not show up.  No action taken. 

A motion was made by Lisa and seconded by Stephanie to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Ehrler, Secretary