Minutes November 2018

      MINUTES  East Dubuque District Library

                                              Board of Trustees Meeting

                                      Wednesday, November 14, 2018

                             4:45 PM at 122 Wisconsin Ave. East Dubuque

Call to Order, Regular Board Meeting

Roll call attendance:               Time: 4:46 PM        Lisa Appel, Kevin Kramer, Rick Leute,                                  Linda Phillips, Kay Zillig, Deb Ehrler, Stephanie Lange: absent, arrived at 4:53 PM.

Declaration of Quorum

Citizens Input: none

Correspondence: none

Changes to the Agenda: none

Committee Meeting Reports:  none

Foundation Update:  Next meeting, Thursday January 17, 2019 at 3:00 PM. Minutes of last meeting on 10-04-2018 are attached.

Directors Report

Treasurers Report for October 2018:  We accept the Treasurers Report from Accountant,

 which is filed for audit.

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the October 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

Payment of invoices and payroll as presented

Consent Agenda approval:  Motion made by Lisa and seconded by Kay to accept the Consent agenda.

Roll call: Kevin Kramer, Stephanie Lange, Rick Leute, Linda Phillips, Kay Zillig, Lisa Apple, Deb Ehrler

                   Time: 5:16 PM Motion carried.

Unfinished Business

1. Update State Grant:  The Illinois State Library Grant is complete.  The final encumbrance report was filed by Director, and accepted by the Illinois State Library.

2. The DRA grant is being finalized.

3. Building & Grounds update including placing rocks on library property near neighboring property, painting front of library, trimming evergreen bushes in front of library, and cutting down tree near neighboring property.   Committee will assist to expedite matters.

New Action Items

1.  Motion made by Kay and seconded by Kevin to contract with College Lawn Service & Snow Removal, Dubuque, IA for snow removal at the same price levels for this fiscal year.

          Roll call: Kevin Kramer, Stephanie Lange, Rick Leute, Linda Phillips, Kay Zillig,

 Lisa Apple, Deb Ehrler.  Motion carried

2.  Audit update: This year the Foundation is included in the audit; the library will cover any additional cost.

New Informational Items

3.  Open House update, attendance exceeded 130 people.

4.  100 Artists and silent auction update:  More than 100 items were displayed, the Foundation reported their first auction was successful.

5.  Restroom update, off calendar. 

6.  Liability Insurance audit was completed.

7.  State opened Per Capita Grants

8.  Review ROI from our PrairieCat Membership

9.  Trustee election update:  Completed forms may be returned starting December 10, 2018 at 10am.

10.  Policy section to review prior to January meeting:  off calendar.

Motion to adjourn made by Lisa, seconded by Kay. Motion carried.           

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Ehrler, Secretary

East Dubuque District Library Director:  Jessica Arnold

East Dubuque District Library Officers:                                  Other Board Members:

President:     Stephanie Lange                                                     Kay Zillig

Vice President: Lisa Appel                                                            Linda Phillips

Treasurer:     Rick Leute                                                              Kevin Kramer

Secretary:     Deborah Ehrler

East Dubuque District Foundation Members:

Katherine Kelly, Diane Gallagher, Ben Anderson, Eileen O’Neill, Cheryl Knutson, Vicki Middendorf, Bev Vanderzyl, Gina Lange, Mary Schreiber