Minutes October 2018


East Dubuque District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

                                              Wednesday, October 10, 2018

                                         4:45 PM at 122 Wisconsin Ave. East Dubuque

Call to Order, Regular Board Meeting

Roll Call:   Present: Lisa Appel, Kevin Kramer, Stephanie Lange, Rick Leute, Deb Ehrler

                            Kay Zillig       Linda Phillips – arrived at  4:52 PM          Quorum declared.

Citizen’s Input – none

Correspondence – none

Changes to the Agenda – “Add Minutes of Special Meeting 09/29/18 to Consent Agenda.  No quorum, no action.  See New Action Item #6 for a meeting recap.”

Committee Meeting Reports:  None

Foundation Update:  Next meeting, Thursday October 4, 2018 at 3:00 PM. 

Note:  The Foundation will host a silent auction fundraiser at the Open House.

Directors Report

Treasurers Report for September 2018 is received and will be filed for audit.

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the September 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

Payment of invoices and payroll as presented

“Add Minutes of Special Meeting 09/29/18 to Consent Agenda.  No quorum, no action.  See New Action Item #6 for a meeting recap.”

Consent Agenda approval

    Motion was made by Rick and seconded by Kay to approve the Consent Agenda.

    Roll Call:   Ayes – Lisa, Kevin, Stephanie, Rick, Linda, Kay, Deb.   Nays – none.    Motion carried.

Unfinished Business

1. Technology Project is complete. It is noted that the value of the Microsoft Software Donation exceeded $18,000 for this project.

2. Building & Grounds update including neighbors, trimming cedar bushes, cutting down dead tree, & installing outdoor lights. The Board requested the director obtain price estimates to install a shrub fence or place boulders near the large parking lot to limit access to adjacent property.

New Items

1. Accept the Treasurer’s Annual Receipts & Disbursements Report that includes a clarification regarding building electrical repairs.    Motion was made by Kay and seconded Lisa. Motion carried.

2. The cost for window light and glare shades for 10 upper level windows including installation is

    $3,660.   The Board tabled this item until January 2019.

3. The cost for exterior security cameras from BTS Security of Dubuque, including cameras, recorder, cabling and installation would be approximately $5,000.   No action

4.  The Board takes no action regarding planting bushes near parking lot.

5.  The Board authorized the placement of boulders near the large parking lot. Motion was made by Lisa and seconded by Linda. Motion carried

6.  At the Special Meeting 09-29-2018 No quorum was present and no action was taken. The Foundation shared a general presentation on goal setting, and their plans for the Open House. 

This presentation on goal setting was recapped at the meeting herein and both long and short term goals were discussed by the board.

7. The Board set two short-term goals for the Library.

a.  Install an ADA compliant  front desk checkout station by May 2019 as required by USDA.

b.  Have stucco cracks repaired and the front of the library repainted

8.  Long-term goals will be further discussed and determined in the Spring of 2019 when the Board discusses the budget.  Items discussed were:   personnel, finances, security, expansion, and an internal library revitalization project.    

9. The Board reviewed the general list of needs of the library from the September Board Meeting.

The Board discussed prioritizing said list of needs.  The preliminary short list is as follows…

  1.  ADA compliant checkout station
  2.  Upgrade the front desk area
  3.  Replace the computer server
  4.  Install window covers on the upper level windows

10. Discuss the 2nd Annual Library Open House and 100 Artists Reception and Silent Auction Thursday November 8, 2018 from 4:30-6:30. A motion was made by Kay and seconded by Kevin to authorize postage costs exceeding $500.00 for community mailing. Roll call vote: ayes-Lisa, Kevin, Stephanie, Rick, Linda, Kay, Deb  nays: none.  Motion carried.

11. The Jo Daviess County Treasurer’s Report for the 4th automatic distribution of property taxes into the authorized account was posted  www.jodaviess.org  09-20-18.

12. The Prairie Cat Library Staff Training 09-28-2018 in Moline was attended by more than 260 library staff.  Classes attended:  “Explore More Illinois, Fundraising,  Programming Roundtable, Run, Hide, Fight Active Shooter Training, Attorney: Administration & Management Legal Issues, Inspiring the next generation, Bring an author to the Library, and Top Tech Trends.”

Motion to adjourn made by Lisa and seconded by Stephanie. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Ehrler, Secretary

East Dubuque District Library Officers:                                                                  Other Board Members:

President:           Stephanie Lange                                                                               Kay Zillig

Vice President:  Lisa Appel                                                                                           Linda Phillips

Treasurer:           Rick Leute                                                                                           Kevin Kramer

Secretary:           Deborah Ehrler

East Dubuque District Foundation Members:  Katherine Kelly, Diane Gallagher, Ben Anderson, Eileen O’Neill, Cheryl Knutson, Vicki Middendorf, Bev Vanderzyl, Gina Lange, Mary Schreiber