Minutes September 2018


East Dubuque District Library

                                                    Board of Trustees Meeting

                                              Wednesday, September 12, 2018

                                         4:45 PM at 122 Wisconsin Ave. East Dubuque

Call to Order, Regular Board Meeting

Roll Call Time:  4:47  Present: Lisa Appel, Kevin Kramer, Stephanie Lange, Rick Leute, Deb Ehrler

                   Time:  4:47 PM   Kay Zillig – arrived at 4:51 PM,  Linda Phillips – arrived at 4:58 PM

                    Quorum declared.

Citizen’s Input – none

Correspondence – none

Changes to the Agenda – none

Committee Meeting Reports:  None

Foundation Update:  Next meeting, Thursday October 4, 2018 at 3:00 PM.

Directors Report

Treasurers Report for August 2018 is received and will be filed for audit.

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the August 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

Payment of invoices and payroll as presented

Consent Agenda approval

          Motion was made by Lisa and seconded by Kevin to approve the Consent Agenda.

          Roll Call:       Ayes – Lisa, Kevin, Stephanie, Rick, Linda, Kay, Deb.   Nays – none.

          Motion carried.

Unfinished Business

1. Website is live and project completed, see www.edlibrary.org

2. Technology Project update

3. DRA Grant update

4. Illinois State Library Grant update

5. Building & Grounds update including neighbors, bushes, trees, outdoor lights.

The  Board requested the director obtain price estimates  to install a shrub fence or place boulders near the large parking lot to limit access to adjacent property.

New Items

1.The County Clerk’s Consolidated Election April 2, 2019 petition papers can be picked up by residents on Tuesday September 18 for full terms currently held  by Appel, Ehrler, Zillig and Phillips, and a 2 year unexpired term currently held by Kramer.

2. Reviewed an informal list of library goals stated to administration over the last four years.

3. Review a general list of needs of the library compiled by the Director.

4. Director received a FOIA request from Smart Procure requesting all financial purchase records from Jan 2013 to August 2018.  This FOIA request was legally withdrawn and closed 08-24-2018.

5. This years Per Capita Grant requires “Staff and trustees will complete at least one free online education opportunity focusing on meeting the needs of patrons with challenges or disabilities. www.raillibraries.info  A class will be held at the library before a winter board meeting.

6. Director continues to provide information for our annual audit, which is in progress.

7. Reviewed the Treasurer’s Annual Receipts & Disbursements Report.  A clarification is needed regarding electrical repairs to the building. 

8. Director completed and filed the Illinois State Library Annual Statistical Report.

          Motion to approve the Illinois State Library Statistical Report as filed made by Lisa and           seconded by Rick.  Motion Carried.

9. The President and Vice President reviewed the Secretary’s minutes from FY 2017-18 and verified they are complete and accurate.

10. The Library experienced multiple internal and external technical problems with the catalog, server, archived programs, and server backup battery.

11. The Jo Daviess County Treasurer’s Report for the 3rd automatic distribution of property taxes into the authorized account was posted  www.jodaviess.org  08-20-18.

12. Staff member K. Chapman gave notice as she obtained full time work in Dubuque.

13. The Per Capita Grant of $5,667.50 was deposited 08-30-2018.

14. The Library will be closed Friday 09-28-2018 for staff training.

15. The Library Board’s special meeting with the Foundation is set on 09-29-2018 at 9:00 AM.

Motion to adjourn made by Lisa and seconded by Linda. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Ehrler, Secretary

East Dubuque District Library Officers:             Other Board Members:

President:      Stephanie Lange                                             Kay Zillig

Vice President:  Lisa Appel                                                    Linda Phillips

Treasurer:      Rick Leute                                                      Kevin Kramer

Secretary:      Deborah Ehrler

East Dubuque District Foundation Members:

Katherine Kelly, Diane Gallagher, Ben Anderson, Eileen O’Neill, Cheryl Knutson, Vicki Middendorf, Bev Vanderzyl, Gina Lange, Mary Schreiber.